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I have


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Because you use Win8 built-in security and as your current sig said ("no i don't change...) so no need signature options :p

btw, i have it


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For me, too many things have changed in the forum. It has become very uncomfortable to log in, log out, search, locating "Recent posts", cant find how to preview posts, have to allow scripts, etc. I like the old forum 100 times better. Using the forum has become tiresome for me.


Personally for me the new features and platform is miles ahead of MyBB and those benefits outweigh any inconveniences.It just takes some time to find your way around and become familiar with the new software.As with any new upgrade the kinks take a bit of time to iron out.However after some time spent here and going to a MyBB forum you can appreciate the new platform and it's features.
Many online forums are using XenForo.Even I,being a long time VBulletin user, am sold on XF.
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i prefer XenForo, now i just have to hover on Recent Posts, Alerts and What's New to see the subject


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Bo, click on Forums link at the top, that lead to Welcome page, with 'Recent Posts' link at the top of the page - in the blue line ..
I think, that this 'Recent Posts' link should be the first, and with large print why not. RECENT POSTS - aaa, this is nice
Search feature is bonified recently, I see .. but would be good to unnotch 'Search this forum only' box, please ..
We realize that Jack and Team works hardly to improve the forum, then let the time to see the necessary improvements .. patiently.

.. remove the frame around the avatars would put our avatars to 100x100 pixels, and animated avatars will work ..

Be Patient.
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