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Jul 27, 2015
Four independent experiments across the globe have found that it's possible to establish two-way communications with people in the weird, hallucinatory state of lucid dreaming, opening up a new field of real-time "interactive dreaming" research.


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Apr 17, 2020

Someone tries to livestream their encounters with the police, only to find that the police started playing music. In the case of a February 5 meeting between an activist and the Beverly Hills Police Department, the song of choice was Sublime’s “Santeria.” The police may not got no crystal ball, but they do seem to have an unusually strong knowledge about copyright filters.

The timing of music being played when a cop saw he was being filmed was not lost on people. It seemed likely that the goal was to trigger Instagram’s over-zealous copyright filter, which would shut down the stream based on the background music and not the actual content. It’s not an unfamiliar tactic, and it’s unfortunately one based on the reality of how copyright filters work.


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Sep 13, 2018
Have you ever been kind of just standing there and you see an emergency unfolding seemingly within reach? Fire engines racing down the street more urgently than usual. I turned and saw the telltale big clouds of blackish-brown smoke and the fire trucks turning down the next big street. Since it looked very close by, I went after.

Nope, still smoke but no flames. Next street? Nope, still smoke. So, repeat this like 5 times. :mad: FINALLY, about 1.2 miles/1.9 km (I kid you not), I come to this scene:

Despite the snow and gusty raw wind, big crowds of peeps standing around, many w/cellphones recording. Ironically, had I started from my place, I would have been there faster as it's a straight line from there. Me, I thought it was abandoned like other buildings around there and some bum lit it up. But the business just opened 6 months ago, and I will tell you: that building is GONE. It was later upgraded to 5 alarm, acc. to Yahoo.

ZeePriest: awesome use of some rusty scrapped chain. (y) He is an artisan.