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Jul 11, 2018
The Records The British Empire Didn't Want You To See - Audra A. Diptée:


Explore the British policy called Operation Legacy, where the government hid incriminating documents from its former colonies.

In 2009, five Kenyan people took a petition to the British Prime Minister. They claimed they endured human rights abuses in the 1950s, while Kenya was under British colonial rule, and demanded reparations. They had no documentary evidence that Britain sanctioned systems of torture— but thousands of secret files were waiting to be discovered. Audra Diptée digs into the Operation Legacy documents.

Lesson by Audra A. Diptée, directed by Hernando Bahamon.


Level 5
Jul 11, 2018
Alien Artifacts On Mars: What NASA Doesn't Want You To Know:


Uncovering the Martian Mysteries: What NASA doesn't want you to know

On July 25th, a NASA scientist was studying images of a region of Mars called "Cydonia" when something caught his eye.

He had to take a second to process what he was seeing. He grabbed a magnifying glass.

There was no doubt. On the surface of Mars, 140 million miles from Earth, was a structure in the shape of a human face.

It was huge; about a mile wide; and showed two eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Around the Face were pyramids and structures that didn't look natural. They look like they were built... by someone.

The following day, NASA held a press conference. Of the thousands of photos sent back from Mars, all anyone asked about was The Face.

Who built it and why? Is it a message from an advanced civilization now long extinct? Is it a religious artifact? Is it solid like the Great Sphinx? Or could it contain chambers like the Great Pyramid?

Then NASA threw cold water on the speculation. They said there was a second photograph of the area taken shortly after.

And that photo showed that the face was nothing more than an optical illusion.

Small problem. That second photo doesn't exist.

So why did NASA lie?

The answer to that question is in the other pictures.
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Level 26
Aug 17, 2017
A really interesting site for all the Star Trek fans, there is a link to the Roddenberry Archive but it doesn't seem ready for prime time yet.

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