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Jul 11, 2018
The YouTube video Payday 3 HATES People With No Friends | Payday 3 Review by the YouTube channel FLEEKAZOID:


I can't believe Payday 3 is adding friends for everyone that doesn't have them next week!

Payday 3 is like Payday 2 in the way that they are both a part of the Payday franchise… there is no denying that.

But besides that, Payday 3 wants to go for more of a gritty 'realism' approach that relates closer to the first game rather than the one that made them millions upon millions of dollars.

Now as of right now the payday 3 servers are both down and not down, they live in the great in between, a type of superposition much like the quantumverse warehouse mission with the famous guy from that one show Ice Tea.

So in this Payday 3 review, I do really hope that you can find the humor in all the ways this game is broken.

AND IF YOU CAN'T, fret not, the resolution is only a mere week away.

FLEEKAZOID Twitter: https://twitter.com/FLEEKAZOID


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