Q&A What dedicated Anti-Ransomware software to use?


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Aug 5, 2012
AppCheck AntiRansomware PRO edition, with enhanced capabilities versus the free edition.

The PRO version has this feature enabled:
Automatic Remediation: Automatically block and remediate when ransomware behavior is detected.


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May 4, 2018
Also on topic but away from dedicated software(s) to stop Ransomware, a backup solution is the key point to protecting yourself, however I'll add that prevention is better than a cure. Most AV (paid/free) & their subsequent suites would be more than enough to protect yourself from the main ransomware families, but I think with anything you do online you should use common sense when using the web.

My mantra online has always been "If it's too good to be true, it normally is.", following from this as well just have logical browsing habits, don't open up PDF, docx or other file formats from people you don't know, do not enter websites that look dodgy, out of place, spelling mistakes etc. A home user is less than likely to get a ransomware outbreak if they adopt sensible browsing habits/procedures.

As the OP did state ONLY about a dedicated Ransomware program, I would still suggest Checkmal Appcheck Anti-ransomware Free or Paid, but this alone will NOT stop a ransomware infection. In my opinion I do not think this type of software is really needed.

Just backup your data weekly or daily, update everything (PatchMyPC if needed), update/patch your OS, have a firewall and AV, adequate browser security, and in theory you should be ok from infection.



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Sep 11, 2013
I had a ransomware telling me it had encrypted all my files etc luckily I browse with sandboxie , exited website sandbox and ransomware gone . Cruel sister in exhaustive tests concluded free comodo and sandboxie passed all tests owing to sandboxes.
I also have Kaspersky but note it recently failed a ransomware test on MalwareTips. Imaging & backup important and also if in very rare cases ransomware escapes the sandbox.


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Aug 4, 2016
I don't use any specific Ransomware software, on this PC I run KIS and HMP.A which I'm counting on doing a reasonable job, I also keep documents of importance & private only on external drives & are easy to access - Multiple external backups of video, music & photographs are imperative for me


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Apr 17, 2020
Why not use Windows internal protection?
I was just saying this on another topic post that I can not use the anti exploit browser protection because if HyperV is on I get conflict with my android emulator. :( (*Update) I was confused about this and it is not the anti exploit browser settings, it is the isolated browser (virtualization) that I can not run.
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Mar 29, 2018
For anyone that may have missed it, there is this test of Kaspersky Antiransomware:


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Sep 13, 2018
Why not use Windows internal protection?
Controlled Folder Access is ON and I'm trying to stick with it, I really am. But I feel like it's slowly becoming like a Swiss Cheese with all the apps and services let thru in order for even Windows things to WORK. :mad:

Latest example? Allowing a svchost thru so that XBox game bar can access my hardware and then simply record. It seems CFA is process-agnostic obviously, but when does all this whitelisting get to the point where you're like--"forget it"? I'm not there yet but I've had to allow a bit much so far.

If anyone can offer a rough comparison of whitelisting efforts between Controlled Folder Access and a third party counterpart, I think that would be a very valuable thing.


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Apr 17, 2020
For anyone that may have missed it, there is this test of Kaspersky Antiransomware:
Yes I watched the protection videos and on the word of advice from @cruelsister I am using it now!