What did you do after finding Ccleaner v5.33 was malware bundled?

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Over at Emsisoft, one of the members stated that even if you installed the 32-bit version of Ccleaner the malicious code wouldn't run if your OS was 64-bit.

If this is true then the number of infected users should be significantly lower than initially thought.


I don't use CCleaner, but should i have been concerned i would have scanned the system with multiple antimalware (Malwarebytes, HitmanPro, Zemana, etc...) and make a clean install if something nasty was found.
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I rolled back to a backup before i got the portable version and changed my most important passwords since i didnt't trust them that they told us the whole truth :D


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i dont see foture on CCleaner since avast bought this software im not wonder why he are now bring infection to your pc now..
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Uninstalled v33, then installed v34.

btw, I'm on 64bit, so I wasn't too concerned. Also ran some scans to make sure. No Malware found.:)

But there's some confusing blogs around stating different versions having this behavior. zzz
So uninstall permanently for now..