Updates What distribution of Linux do you use?


Level 9
Feb 24, 2019
Ubuntu 19.04 (always the latest release) due to gaming, LTS doesn't always support the latest hardware and can miss many improvements like the GNOME update 19.04 has which is unbelievably faster. I've used other distros but Ubuntu "just works" on all my hardware from my PC to my laptops.


Level 85
Content Creator
Jul 3, 2015
I bounce back and forth between Windows and Mint Cinnamon. I tried Manjaro and MX but had some software issues, and Parrot stopped working after I updated it, so I am sticking with Mint.

I have Windows VMs that I can use from either Windows or Linux, so I can go either way.


Level 2
Apr 3, 2019
I am using the default Gnome version of Ubuntu 18.04.

I purchased a HP Stream Notebook with 32 GB Space & 2 GB RAM. While RAM is alright for light usage, I was having huge problems with 32 GB space, as Windows during update requires far greater space. So, I started using Ubuntu on it. Used 16.04 for two years and then switched to 18.04 minimal installation. Happy with it so far.