What distribution of Linux do you use?


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Oct 14, 2020
Kali Linux ❤️
Is Kali good for the daily routine tasks ?

I am using ZorinOS Pro and I am more than happy with it. Looks modern, nice and also very fast. Also supports two different software repos (FlatHub and Snap) out of the box which gives you a great choice when it comes to installing the software.

And with the Pro version you also get the support


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Aug 16, 2021
windows 11 as clients is here but do run
raspian x64 headless on 4 pi's.... running various things..
open media vault/portainer/docker
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Jun 14, 2020
I use Arch Linux mostly and Fedora sometimes... Running Garuda Linux, with KDE Plasma atm...

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Jan 6, 2022
I bought this refurb computer back in March 2021 that came with win10. This is the first windows computer I have used since XP. I have been using ubuntu in all it's LTS's since Hardy (8.04).
I'm currently running linux on 4 very ancient computers, a Dell 1545 (LinuxLite), two Toshiba laptops (A200 LinuxLite, L300 Debian11) and a Dell Chromebox (GalliumOS).

In 4 years, when MS pulls the plug on win10, I will put some sort of linux on this refurb. That is of course, if this computer lasts that long or I get fed up with MS's silliness and kick windows to the curb sooner.
Well I have to update as I have made a couple changes. Debian. I tried Debian but I dislike it for the very reason that most people like it, it rarely updates. I spent most of my formative years in ubuntu, that updated at least a couple times a week. Debian? I would go a couple months and nothing - nada. Tap-tap...is this thing on?

Of course Debian is just fine as it is, but I still like some sort of "illusion" of something going on. So, back to LTS's I go.

As far as trying different distro's, I have but I find that the differences are mostly cosmetic (at least in the Debian/ubuntu world) so I typically choose a distro and stay with it for quite awhile. What I find that attracts me to a distro is what their help forums are like and what kind of atmosphere is there generally. If the developer/s is not an accommodating soul, I move on.
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Jan 14, 2015
For a long time I was mainly a Deb user but few years back did the cross over to Arch.

Currently in my spare laptop that I use for light usage and travel, I am running 2 different Arch Based distros in a dual boot setup:
Main OS and Secondary OS difference is just when I first installed what. Aside from that both share same drives etc, just some slight different programs between both Distros.

If you wish to get into Arch, start off with EndeavourOS and then move to ArcoLinux. ArcoLinux website has a lot of valuable information.

Main OS -
ArcoLinux (ArcoLinux XS + LTS to be exact which is ships with LTS Kernel) with OpenBox as main WM but with Qtile and XFCE available as well (XFCE was the default DE).
One other thing that I am running is Z shell(Zsh for short) - in specific Oh-My Zsh.

Secondary OS -
EndeavourOS with Qtile, OpenBox, XFCE, LXQT and good old LXDE flavours (depending on my mood) - Started off with Qtile but in parallel installed individually all the other flavours to grab their configs, themes etc and then customized the main installation.
Using Fish Shell here but might switch to Z Shell.
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