What do you think is better for you ?

  • High detection (with high false positive)

    Votes: 17 54.8%
  • Low detection (with no false positive)

    Votes: 14 45.2%
  • Total voters
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List of apps to compare
High detection (with false positive) or Low detection (with no false positive)


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If the heuristics is not too dumb, and the FPs are not too many, then I prefer high detection rates.

Cloud is great, don't get me wrong. It's great for data storage and syncing, it's great for streaming malware database updates, performing real-time online analysis and other security-related tasks, and et cetera. Right, but I just don't take internet connections for granted anywhere, so I like to have cloud stuff as complements, and very important ones, but I still like having local backups, local databases, local heuristic analysis, and so on, as well.


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Why people blame Comodo about low detections ? What do you think ?
Could it be high false positives?o_O I honestly don't know as, only from what I've read, Comodo is akin to a passion for fans whom love to tweak their settings in order to create an airtight sandboxed "Fortress of Solitude". Comodo has ever been a fascination for me as the very name Comodo gives rise to the definition of fandom; and, even as an interested bystander, I see a controversial software company, including users whom either passionately love or previously loved it, shepparded by a controversial founder admired by many while criticized by others.
So, imho, maybe some people blame Comodo because they were former devotees:oops: whom tore themselves away :eek:(following a bitter divorce) and found themselves attending the Church of ESET or the Temple of Avast :rolleyes:(..or whichever name applies).:p
I agree with @Arakasi

Vendors with mediocre detection often have very high false positives and vice versa.
This completely challenges my thinking :confused: because it turns it over and onto it's head!:D


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I can deal with FP's as long as it prevents me from being infected.No other choice so did not vote


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FP is not at all a problem with me.
So I'd just go with high detection with high FP.
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