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What's your preferred games to play when you're bored, have free time, or just to enjoy it? :)

Right now, i have downloaded and bought lots of games, but the ones i play the most are:

-League of Legends
-Grand Theft Auto V
-Euro Truck Simulator 2

What about you? :)


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I have played very few games than I wanted to:p. I started with NFS MW, CSS and GTA-VC only. Since then I had the chance to play NFS HP, Assassins Creed, GTA-SA, COD-MW, CSGO, BF2, GTA-V. Currently I am playing WarThunder. It's a WWII tank/plane simulator and really fun, with seriously good graphics and physics engine.
Edit: Forgot to add some games.


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My nonstop game would be COD MW3, but I do not mind playing Portal 2/COD MW2, if I find a co-player. NFS time to time, if I have got need for speed. :cool:

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none. to old at 68 to play games time i have figured it out is over?:mad:
Computer games help everyone, even shooting games, they increase eyesight, reflexes, memory, which helps to fight dementia.