What games do you actually play?


ForgottenSeer 58943

Still nothing beats Bruce Lee on the C64 or Pitfall on the Atari 2600 console. Pure 8-bit power! Ah, the times… :D
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Yup. That's why I am going to get a Hyperspin box eventually. But I am so busy I have enough to play already.

Everyone is right though.. It seems like now that I have the money to do anything I want, I have less time, or little to no gaming time. Back as a teenager when I had tons of time and no money it was the exact opposite. Strange how life works.

Also, we have so much vying for our time now.. Streamed movies. Streamed TV series. Massive web content. Blah blah blah.. Back then, it was just school and.. Well.. Games because there wasn't much of anything else to do.

I'm at the phase of life where I need to prioritize my limited free time and sadly, games are usually forgotten. I am consciously thinking about how I can streamline all of the other junk to give me my gaming back.. I even bought a couple robotic vacuums to roll around so I can reclaim the time I took to vacuum constantly.


American Truck Simulator! Tried the demo and....never mind. Can't drive myself anywhere. Waiting for The Land of Pain to get here already, hurry up Sept. 13.



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Jan 17, 2014
All Halo's
Destiny (waiting on destiny 2)
Constantly replaying Dead Space 1/2 (waiting for a 4th hopefully, 3rd one sucked)

Used to play Call Of Duty before I realized it was the same game over and over (Quit after modern warfare 2)

Battlefield 1

Some Madden NFL
Go Packers!

Sephiroth Source

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Jul 13, 2015
I played a lot of Clash of Clans, I was part of a clan top 10 in Brazil but I stopped because I had no social life. Today I play Hill Climb Racing with my son, it's simple and fun. I also play Atari and Super Nintendo emulators with it, as it is very new and I am very old we do not care for next generation graphics, etc. Chrono Trigger was the best game of all time in my opinion.


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Apr 5, 2017
:eek:, wow, i have never played a game in my life unless you count pacman from many years ago and the old ping pong type game, oh and a space invaders sort of thing, ha ha, i am showing my age here. I am amazed at how people can get so engrossed in a game, happy gaming all of you who enjoy them.

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