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Right now I’m muddling through Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. But for pick up and play I play CoD Black Ops 4...on an Xbox...:eek: I just need something that’s easy to pick up and play the few minutes I have when the toddler is asleep and I’m not busy.
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Had to quit FPS games for Visual Novels, that I enjoy a lot. Story is what glues me to the seat these days.

Good thing, I am a lot calmer now with the choice of games I play. :D


Level 4
Right now I'm playing alot of Real Racing 3. I love that game.Especially the Porsche hybrid 919 is unreal. Together with Lambo Huracan they drive so fast I really have to be on my toes (I try to drive without using the brakes if possible) Lol.
Most of the other cars are not fast enough.


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Windows (Vista) - Doom Classic Complete (Steam)
Android (Xiaomi RN4) - Shadowgun Legends (l. 26)
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I'm playing this:

Great game... (y)


Level 6
I got myself hooked on a game called Black Desert Online, it has kind of a steep learning curve, probably the best graphics and combat system in the genre. There is so much to do it is overwhelming, you can have multiple homes that you furnish, build your own boats and ships, tame, train, and breed your own mounts, have your own workforce, you can even legitimately AFK fish, AFK level your toon at training dummies and AFK train your mounts.

I have been playing for near two months and still just scratching the surface.
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Level 2
Game that I play:
Battlefield V & 1
The Witcher 3
Kingdom come: Deliverance
Rainbow Six Siege (I watch stream more than I play)
7 days to die
And CS:GO to train my aim.
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