Q&A What is the best and safe Youtube download app for Windows


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Jan 16, 2017
I wouldn't recommend jdownloader here as safe as it's Java based / need Java which itself is highly insecure
Jdownloader 2 has its own portable java(or whatever its called) which only it can use. You don't have to install systemwide java anymore.

Regarding youtube-dl GUI, I found it buggy when I used it in the past. Downloads wouldn't start several times. The command line version was pretty stable but since I have IDM, I'd just pick the comfortable choice in IDM over youtube-dl.

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Jun 23, 2018
I've been using this Grease/Tamper/Violent monkey script for years without any problems: sebaro / SaveTube The author also makes a Firefox extension that does the same thing.

If one is desperate, Tubeoffline (a dl website) works for me, but I can't say what the experience would be like without an ad blocker: Download videos from YouTube free!
Wouldn't you know, as soon as I posted that I started having trouble with SaveTube. For now, I've found the script here to be usable: Local YouTube Downloader