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INot to mention, that creating rules is a pain, since there is no notification and traffic monitoring tools will not display traffic, which lasts for a milisecond.
You set all profiles to block outbound connections, and create rules only for the apps you want, so you dont need notifications at all.

Creating a rule takes 30sec-1mn. You saying it is a pain to do it when you stripped windows from almost everything is funny :)


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It does not matter, how you tweak it, since it changes rules at will. Lets say you block svchost.exe, Windows will allow it, if it wants to and any other software can do it, for that matter. Not to mention, that creating rules is a pain, since there is no notification and traffic monitoring tools will not display traffic, which lasts for a milisecond.
My point is it's worth anyone's time learning to tweak it. It's solid enough especially behind a router. I use a third party firewall but I wouldn't dream of using a third party firewall if I couldn't handle the one built into any OS that I was using. There are ways to lock Windows firewall down pretty tight it just takes a bit of research. I'm not for one second claiming anyone can't do it I'm simply pointing out that WD is solid as are a lot of Windows built in tools. I've seen plenty notifications when playing around with Windows FW, granted not to the level of WFC notification but there are definitely notifications. Windows 10 can be locked down pretty tightly with just the tools available especially if you have GPE. I use security software that I definitely don't need I just enjoy playing around with different configs. You can create powershell scripts to manage WF pretty easily too. I'd still go with WFC just for convenience the same as I use syshardner. It's not that I can't handle hardening Windows it just makes a lot of tweaks that I'd otherwise have to perform manually much easier.


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I have tried simple wall on top of this thread and I liked it, I never gave it the chance, it seems to update frequently.

Before I forgot to mention that I also tried evorim free firewall but in my case I got problems, not blocked what I asked for and errors in the interface.

More than to protect myself from attacks, that's what the router does, it's to control the activity of my applications, for example an application should work "offline" I've ever seen that they connect to X site, they send X amount of bytes... Let's just say I'm more afraid of keyloggers than malware that corrupts my windows partition.

That's why I've always liked AV with a good firewall or at least with a notifier like eset or avast. I like Kaspersky too, but the problem is that if you choose to make decisions about the firewall you also have to choose decisions about the antivirus, I would like to only allow or deny connections and not if I want X program to be able to read the registry etc..I loved Emsisoft for what most of us like, but above all its firewall, but it was removed, there are hardly any good firewalls on the market.
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A Firewall app just creates those outbound rules in the Windows Firewall for you. Something you could do for yourself, just probably not as fast! So you are still running the Windows FW.
OK...firewalls are based on one MS engine...but the difference between 3-rd party FW and system FW is similar like between "priceless" and "worthless" ;)


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Binisoft gone to the hands of another owner, the new owner will include all functions of binisoft program within its security software. I heard that WFC will never exist as an individual product.