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@FireHammer Having two different VPNs installed, doesn't conflict with each other?
I ask this because I read:
" I always use a fresh install, so some other company's VPN leftovers aren't clogging up the system and possibly influencing results."
Hi @amirr, I am no VPN expert, but I have 5 VPNs installed on the same Windows & Android for that matter, and I have not experienced any problems.
None what so ever. (y) ;)


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My favourite is BulletVPN

  • I consistently get very good speeds and they have seven servers in my country (Australia) which is more than a lot VPNs have.
  • CPU from their client, always remains at 0% when accessing the internet. With many VPNs there is a small amount of CPU use when accessing the internet.
  • It seems that they are trustworthy.
  • Their customer support is excellent.

  • Their Windows VPN client has limited features. For example you can't configure it to launch at Windows startup. But it does have a kill switch.
I bought a lifetime license from StackSocial for $39.

I was previously using Windscribe. I also consistently got very good speeds with them and no CPU use from their client. I ditched them due to poor customer support. If not for the disappointing support, I would still be using it.

With regards to CPU use, my previous laptop had bad thermal management, which meant that even the constant low CPU use from VPNs, was enough to cause very audible fan noise. If not for that, the CPU use from other VPNs wouldn't have been an issue really.

@FireHammer I used VyprVPN briefly at the start of the year, but in my case, I constantly had anywhere from around 10 to 20 CPU use from their service. Their customer support said I could expect up to 95% CPU use on a 2nd gen i5 processor.
What it with this scam? Almost identical page as ExpressVPN