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for the music, I'm usinc AIMP, because it's light, I like the default skin, and you can slowing down the music ! (in the dsp settings)
Yes, slowing down the music without changing the pitch.
With that I can try to play guitar along. (I say "try" :oops:).
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Metro Apps or :

Audio :
Music Bee , i like the lyrics download ^^
Video : VLC and SMplayer (for auto subtitles downloads)
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Mediamonkey for audio library (sadly, is still x32 compiled);
MPC-HC for videos with (more) compatible/fast codec used.
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@TS Haven't used mediamonkey for quite some time, is it available for lossless format?

Here's mine:
  • Video: VLC
  • Audio: Foobar 2000
  • Streaming: Spotify Premium
Cheers. :)
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My primary audio player is Winamp (loved it since 97-98!) or JRiver Media Center as a jukebox. Occasionally use MusicBee, MediaMonkey or Foobar2000. Audio edits performed using Sony Sound Forge 11.

I also use Exact Audio Copy to accurately rip my CDs to FLAC. Quick rips (FLAC/MP3 320 CBR) using dBpoweramp or Poikosoft's EZ CD Audio Converter.


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Winamp & K-Lite Codec Pack & VLC Media Player - (before) ....... Now Only: VLC Media Player - ofc. (y)
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I'm still loyal to Media Player Classic-Home Cinema (MPC-HC) for videos. I really hope the project continues, as few people have now stepped in to help revive it. :)

I use MusicBee for audio. :)


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For music I usually use AIMP or jetAudio player. For video it's Video Player Ultimate. But recently I found a good multiplayer on freeapps. All Format Video Player app has not bad ratings. It is specifically designed for personalized experience for watching videos and listening to music of all the formats. I think I will get rid of my old players soon to save space on the disk.
The thread is for Windows OS,not Android.Here is the link Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile

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