Q&A What network type to use for running malware in VMware Fusion?

Network type for running malware in Fusion

  • Share with my Mac (Network access, similar to NAT in VBox?)

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  • Private to my Mac (No network access, similar to Host-Only in VBox)

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May 14, 2020
I currently use a Fusion Windows 10 VM on my MacBook Pro to run some ransomware for my YouTube channel, normally what I'll do is I'll download the sample I need from inside the VM and then disconnect the network adapter and then run the malware, my question is, what network type should I use, in Fusion the network options are: Internet Sharing: Share with my Mac, Bridged Networking, Custom: Private to my Mac. Also what network type should I use for if I want network access while running the malware?
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Jan 8, 2011
You might find some useful information here

All malicious software is dangerous even if contained. If misconfigured, it can expose your machine, your network and IoT.