Q&A What security program does your ISP offer with their services?


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Apr 13, 2014
I’ve often wondered which security program, if any, my fellow MT users’ ISP offers?
Is it included for free?
Do you use it?
Are you satisfied with it?
If you use it, is it a stripped down version?

Thanks in advance.

My ISP offers F Secure, I use it on an old laptop, but prefer to purchase it for the remaining 5 PCs. Just rewarding them for a quality product. And it is exactly the same as the OEM version.

Peace to all! ✌️


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Apr 1, 2019
My ISP used to offer Norton, now they have “advanced security”. Basically web filtering and infected device monitoring. Probably not a bad combo with Windows Defender or built in Mac security, but I use a 3rd party router (which uses Trend Micro) so I don’t even get the benefit.


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Mar 19, 2022
At one time, my ISP offered for a nominal monthly fee a "Safe Internet" service - F-Secure Safe but in a simplified version.
You couldn't configure it. So install it and enjoy the security.
I was once tempted to get such protection because it had banking protection.
But my adventure did not last long - until the expiration of the service.
Currently nothing is offered.