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I know HideMyAss has this feature. It also allows you to select your favorite IP servers and then automatically randomize them at a preset timing. However, HMA is highly questionable in its privacy policy. In short, it cannot be trusted.

I'm using WindScribe VPN and I can also randomize the IP by selecting a different server at a certain timing but it's not automatic. Similarly, for its Double-hop feature. This manual method of switching IP applies to most VPNs.

As for Tor browser you can just click a button and it automatically selects 3 different servers for its new path. But it's still have to be done manually.

If use IP randomizing software there's a chance that the proxy servers are not gigabit high speed servers unlike those provided by VPN providers. A slowdown in speed is expected.

So, anybody knows of this feature in your VPN?

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HideMyAss had this feature. The latest version of the app does not implement this feature. However, you may download the previous version.

Good alternatives are: IPVanish and ibVPN (has free trial).

More info here: How to auto change IP
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The only problem with changing geo-locations is home pages and search engines can be changed to ones in the
new location due to redirect - a form of hijacking.

Something to be aware of if you change to a vpn server location outside your country.


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I struggle with this IP rotation issue for several months. VPNs are ok (I use ibvpn and IPVanish), but the switching time between IP configurations takes 15-30 seconds. Lately, I started to use proxies for certain auto tasks. Here is an article that I found that presents several rotating proxies options. Backconnect proxies are the ones that I prefer.