Malware Man

Level 9
The very first antivirus I remember using was when my mom bought a desktop computer for the family to use and it had Norton Internet Security 2005 on it and the thing was SO SLOW. It was a XP machine with like 256mb RAM and slow AMD CPU in it.

It just so happens at the moment that I am using Norton Security. It's gotten so much faster and higher detection rates since the 2005 days that it's crazy how far they have come. I have no problems with it. I got it on sale anyways so the price wasn't a big deal.


Level 8
Same McAfee, it came with my old PC with a extended license (I think was 1 year). I had no problems with it, so when my license finished, I went to my nearest store to buy it, but at that moment they only had Kaspersky and Norton. I bought Norton (I don't know why, in that moment I was quite noobie), and since then, I have been using it, from version 2006-2007 until present.:)