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Get - Improve Your Security Posture with #CyberFit Score - Acronis

CyberFit Score provides you with a security assessment and scoring mechanism that evaluates the security posture of your machine. It identifies security gaps in the IT environment and open attack vectors to endpoints and provides recommended actions for improvements in the form of a report.

This tool may be targeted for endpoints for businesses, but was available for free under Personal section of website.


Level 28
First scan ended with error:

Of course the tool use a annoying random temporary folder under
allowing the file from download folder isn't possible..

After fixing that, i got:
575/ 850

- Windows internal file history backup & Personal backup wasn't detected as backup solution
- no VPN detected which is true as i don't need that
- Outgoing NTLM traffic to remote servers is not denied which doesn't affect normal end user's

So all in all this tool isn't a good reference for non company user's.

Also i wonder why this tool try to use "wmiprvse.exe" to open connections. I doesn't allow that and tool finished successfully