Q&A When do you start charging your smartphone?

At what % do you start charging your smartphone?

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Evjl's Rain

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Apr 18, 2016
I charge my phone at the end of the second or the third day, usually around 10-20%, sometimes above 20%
my phone is a battery monster

in the past, I charged my phone everyday regardless of what percentage it had because the battery was small even from 100%


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Aug 2, 2020
I start around 40% and stop between 80-90%.

If the article i read about prolonging your battery life is true then this should triple or even quadruple expected battery life.

Opposed to fully discharing your battery and charging it to 100% on a regular basis.


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Apr 7, 2016
Usually I try to not go under 20%, before I charge. And when I charge, I stop at around 80%. My battery on my Iphone is on 96% maximum performance capacity, and I bought it late 2017. I do think it helps the battery, not let it go all the way down to 0%, and charge it to 100% every time. But then I close it every night, after midnight. That has probably helped a lot. But I admit I dont know about all the battery theories. Some say do that, and another something else. 🤔