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This thread is perhaps rather like our memories but I think both young and old users could answer my question :giggle:

If you think "firewall"...nice, old, effective, secure, strong, useful...whatever...what have you in your mind?...in your memories? No matter when and no mattter in what system - name 3 examples and maybe why such ones? :unsure:
My examples
- Kerio Personal Firewall...still from years on my XP as the rock solid protection connected with olds-chool (simple and clear) interface
- Filseclab Personal Firewall PE...as the "sweet candy" among firewalls with a lot of useful option and features
- Online Armor ...because it just was the best and because of Emu :love:


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Private Firewall - free and powerful, contained HIPS, so it could catch child processes trying to connect as well.
Outpost Firewall - easy to setup and use, until they included anti-spyware and literally destroyed it in the process.
Sphinx Firewall Control - zero performance impact, once setup, you can get rid of GUI, then it uses 10-20 MB RAM.

I miss good old firewalls. These days firewalls are basically just allow/block or there is the overcomplicated Comodo.


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I too ran Sygate Personal Firewall as my first, loved how well it logged and preformed. Second was Private Firewall for how lite it was and its HIPS, and third am currently running Look'n'Stop Firewall with Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. Sad to say but Linux is calling next year. Those were the days...


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First thing that came in my mind was ZoneAlarm as that is my first firewall program, then Comodo which is my next firewall and Comodo has given me a headstart on dealing with hardware firewall (SonicWall).

Comodo firewall was way too much effort to block an outgoing and incoming connection, I am glad I learned it as it make dealing with all other firewall so much easier, Love and Hate relationship with comodo =D then when comodo went full security suite, it was all HATE, kind like when Emsisoft drop their simple firewall..........Done ranting.....
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