Which audio / music / podcast streaming platform do you use the most?

Music streaming platform

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Jan 21, 2018
I've gone for Soundcloud and other streaming services out of the choices.

I've long been a bit of a musical magpie, liking some artists a lot while not enjoying other quite similar artists, often based on a sense that the latter were trying to ride on others success (think Moby following Little Axe), I like new sounds, plus select old faves. My tastes are often influenced by what I have heard while travelling and more heavily through living in a very multi-ethnic part of London. The latter found me attending often illicit shabeens(from the original Irish through ska, dub, afrobeat etc) and 'blues' clubs (playing very little blues music though). Many raves happened nearby in disused canalside warehouses in the 80s, now often buried beneath offices for the likes of the Google UK HQ, or near where 'Silicon roundabout' set up (Old Street)). This was back in the days of Thatcher and her cohorts trying to ban 'repetative beats' after Castle Morton etc, that worked well didn't it?! I still seek new sounds, word of mouth still works better for me than any tech at this, while enjoying some nostalgic trips back to select teenage faves. I worked at festivals, small local ones full of dreads and squatters to Glastonbury and similar, where I often stumbled on new A+ sounds, often sought out in preference to the megastar headliners. Never came across a Mr Zappa though! But, I did pay for many gigs too, small local bands to some of those headline acts.

No streaming site has managed to very successfully 'curate' lists of new sounds for me. I rarely listen to stuff on sites like Spotify these days, besides Mr Ek is an Arsenal supporter, so its best steered clear of. Their machine learning systems spew out rubbish sets of '0's and '1's in the direction of my ears. So, my selections from the choices above cover sites like Bandcamp, they do seem to know me better, and music in general. I find more that I like when I'm looking for new sounds on sites like Soundcloud, or some online radio than the big tech people seem to manage to throw this way.

Edit - I still buy music, in a range of formats. Too many musicians I know and/or like have found it hard since the streamers cut deep into any money made from their skills.

Digmor Crusher

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Jan 27, 2018
None, all the music I listen to is already downloaded to my desktop or on a CD or album, and I don't watch podcasts. My music listening routine is to crank up the receiver and rattle the windows rather then to put in some ear pods and try to listen thru a 1/4 inch speaker.
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Captain Holly

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Jan 23, 2021
I listen to Pandora Plus on my laptop with a good set of over-ear headphones. I play my own mp3 library with Media Monkey on my laptop with my headphones too. It sounds ok. I don't care for streamer services that much but $5.00 a month for commercial-free Pandora is worth it both on my laptop and in the car. Terrestrial radio here where I live is very bad, full of obnoxious ads. I have a flash drive to play my own mp3's in the car, also use an app called Simple MP3 Player or something like that to bluetooth it in the car. I also agree it is a crying shame what the streamers have done to the music business and the artists themselves.



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Dec 7, 2021
Recently I use Deezer finding quality better than Spotify & cheaper than Tidal - Though at the moment I still have a joint Spotify account - My main streaming in my lounge is still extensive ripped CD's & some hi-res to my NAD streamer, I still use Deezer as have some huge playlists of music I've liked from really young onwards - Deezer do a good free program to copy playlists from most music apps to Deezer.
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Apr 7, 2016
I use Tidal Master and YouTube Music. For me Tidal covers all I want, and in a great quality. YouTube is nice if I wanna see a certain video Tidal dont have. Before that I used Spotify premium. I simply had to pay the little fee, cuz I got crazy of the commercials.

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