Q&A Which block lists do you use with UBO, AG and ABP ?


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Apr 5, 2015
These are among others the one I'm using from my different browsers FF, Brave and Chrome based.

AdGuard Annoyances

Peter Lowe’s Ad and tracking server list

Top500 most used ad & trackers in West Europe & North America

http : // vxvault . net/URL_List . php


I don't care about cookies

Online Malicious URL Blocklist

Reduce Google nuisances on search, maps and youtube

Which block list do you use for now ?

How do you cope with the overlapped lists ? Do you compare, cleaned your list ?

Do you make your own customized list ?

Any comment or contribution will be great, thank you all.
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May 13, 2017
Energized Protection - ad.porn.malware blocking. has some greats lists, but its IP protection (392k rules) can block youtube sometimes.
Thanks, added along with others, those notices are getting more and more annoying.
How do you cope with the overlapped lists ?
You do not have to worry about it, adblockers ignore overlapping rules. Like EU list, it adds 1236, but AG counts only 651, the rest is already present.

My current lists, I am focused only on tracking, I do not block ADs and as for malware, cleanbrowsingDNS mostly takes care of that, but testing IP again.


But I am still looking for a way to block youtube ADs. Enhancer for Youtube blocks some, but not all and most ad filters block youtube completely. :confused:

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Apr 14, 2019
In Ublock Origin, I have added those 3 lists; I read a thread and 2 of them were recommended by Evjl's Rain. I already had Disconnect. StevenBlack/hosts is a kind of melting pot of many hosts files but with no duplicates. It's unified....I think we could say the same thing about 1Hosts/mini: a merged hosts file from a variety of other lists.

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Sep 13, 2018
In Vivaldi and chromium Edge, there are the five built-in uBlock lists plus uBlock Annoyances, EasyPrivacy, and Anti-Facebook. Then there are 6 imports, including the 1Hosts(mini) shown in Back3's screenshot above. (y) I have disabled the 3 built-in Malware domains lists plus the three Host files in uBlock Origin in favor of that list there plus several imports. Although 219,000+ entries is not considered excessive, I'll always be looking for ways to trim redundancy. But my config. is working exceedingly well right now, and the browsers are snappy.

No YouTube ads, either. Zippo.

My source is here. Wilders, of course!


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Dec 6, 2017

Currently trying Nano Adblocker, but the list is just about the same as when I use uBO. It's more than just enough for me because I also use AdGuard Home as my main filtering engine.
I've been trying to find cosmetic-only filter list but couldn't find any. I would've used the extension to do just cosmetic filtering if I could. But no luck so far.


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Jan 21, 2018
Just want to say thanks for all the tips and 'list lists' posted in this thread. I've started having issues this last week where certain sites I've visited frequently for a long time have started getting blocked, Flickr being one example. I haven't had the time to work out what is causing this yet, the settings shared here might help me.


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May 29, 2018
On both family desktop & firefox preview ( mobile ) i go pretty much all in with the filterlists to avoid any ads



I know that memory footprint will increase with more filterlists added, but never really seen any difference on page loads etc. since medium-end pc & stable internet connection

On personal device i would just enable ublock origin filters + ublock origin annoyance filter and go medium mode all the way

On family desktop i could go much smaller list, easylist (optimized) and few cookie /annoyance filters and cut the memory footrpint to half of it ( but then i end up using zapper on some sites)


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May 13, 2017
In Adguard desktop I can't see how many rules from each individual list are used.
You can add any filter as a custom list, it will show how many it adds and based on how many rules you had, you can calculate.
For example: IP Extensions adds 393567 rules, I had 99370 and afterwards 492914, so adguard used 393544 rules from it.


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