Q&A Which camera security system do MT members use?


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Jan 8, 2011
Security pays for itself.

Which outdoor security camera systems do member's here use to protect, deter and monitor their property?

I've looked at Google Nest Outdoor IQ, as well as Amazon-owned Ring doorbell and Camera with Flood lights.

Are there any other recommendations?


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Oct 13, 2019
I use Nest on my exterior. The 24/7 cloud based recording uses about 0.5-1.5mbps per camera of upload, which is acceptable. Camera and package theft alike is common in my area so I like that the footage is not lost if the camera is stolen. Plus, even if the local network goes out, I can still see the camera feed up to that point from the cloud. I don't consider the outside of my house to be private so I don't care what Google does with that footage.

PROTIP: The Nest Doorbell cameras and Nest IQ cameras both have much better image quality as well as AI abilities that filter out false motion alerts, identifies people / packages, etc. The doorbell is a lot cheaper and sleeker compared to the Nest IQ Outdoor, so I've also been mounting Doorbells around the house as cameras, using an AC transformer to power them. That's worth considering if the price of the Outdoor IQ camera is too high, as honestly the non-IQ outdoor camera's quality is relatively poor, especially at night.

Digmor Crusher

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Jan 27, 2018
I have 3 Wyze cameras, 2 point out thru a window and 1 for indoors when I'm away, also have two door contacts and a motion sensor, all work well. There is no monthly fee, they are cheap, and you can monitor with your cell phone. Couple minor issues in the past year but no deal breakers.


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Apr 1, 2019
We have a Ring Doorbell Pro, that’s it. It’s on a guest network to keep that IoT nonsense off our main network. I may put a ring camera in the back one day. We had a fugitive in our backyard a few years back when my wife woke up to nurse our son and saw someone moving outside. Ended up with officers armed in tactical gear knocking on our door. Since then we’ve been extra vigilant with kids in the house.