Free Uninstaller: IObit vs Geek vs Revo?

  • IObit Uninstaller Free

    Votes: 20 15.6%
  • Geek Uninstaller Free

    Votes: 30 23.4%
  • Revo Uninstaller Free

    Votes: 78 60.9%
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I used to use Geek a lot, after using Revo for a number of years, but I've now switched to HiBit Uninstaller. There is a installer or portable version and it features:

- The ability to uninstall Windows apps.
- Regisrty Cleaner.
- Junk File Cleaner.
- Start-up Manager.
- System Restore Manager.
- ... and more.

Hope this helps.

HiBit Uninstaller
I feel that it looks pretty good when I try it. I think there is a lot of demand for the ability to uninstall Windows Store apps. Thank you for introducing good software! :) (y)


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Revo Uninstaller is a faster and more powerful alternative to the program removal applet. The product includes advanced functions for uninstalling programs and cleaning their tracks, solves the problems of installing and updating software
They also have a phone version.


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IOBit monitors and logs installation data using it's service so that it gives complete removal during uninstall of programs.

Also it's user interface for uninstall is pretty outstanding (Programs, Bundleware, Recently installed, Infrequently used, Large programs)

It allows uninstall of Windows apps, Browser toolbars and plugins too.


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ive got to say total uninstall is the best paid one I kept getting a error trying to update intel rapid storage technology tried to uninstall with revo then install the updated version of intel rapid storage technology got same error tried it with iobit same results uninstalled with total uninstall sure enough was able to install the newest intel rapid storage technology software and drivers without any problems and its working perfectly


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i have revo portable paid but when make unistall does not delete everything ex:in program data,reg ... last version...i am very disappointed

Hibit Uninstaller and bulck crap it is open source ?
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there is not the best in all cases
sometimes, iobit is better than revo, sometimes revo is better than iobit against different apps

I use both because there are some functions iobit has but revo doesn't

I tried bulk crap in the past, it was extremely buggy for me for unknown reasons


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I don't use one...The built in windows uninstaller is fine...I then delete leftover folders and reg entries manually🐸