Level 3
Jan 27, 2019
G DATA still have unresolved firewall bugs which has been reported over and over as well as many other things. Even G DATA themselves know of their performance issues in consumer versions, and the worst thing is nothing has been done since then. Also their other bonus modules which are included in IS/TS versions are not prioritized, so don't expect fixes. At this current time, Avast is better choice regardless of their privacy invasions.


Level 11
Aug 21, 2018
GData AV+Zonealarm Firewall Pro+Spyshelter Premium+OSArmor is the "combo" that im currently using.
Yes i've noticed some performance impact especially when doing software installations and file copying. But its not THAT bad.
But for sure, its heavy if using old and slow PC. For old n slow i recommend ESET or Emsisoft.