Level 10
Harlan, maybe but that combo works like a charm and its fast.
Gdata for AV purposes
Zonealarm for Firewall(actually because its own firewall driver)
Spyshelter mainly for anti-keyloggin
OSArmor for bloking powershell etc scripts
Sure i've "tuned" them so there's no "overlapping" popups.
With above combo, cpu time is 1-2 %. It just work and im quite happy with it :)


Level 10
Gery79 chill down and get a cookie :) Seriously, it depends on the hardware and other softwares installed etc. Actually Avira was extremely heavy on my PC, but i've heard that its very light on other ppl computers. I think the same goes for Trend Micro(and others).


Level 7
i can not eat cookies as i am diabetic ..... lol.... yes it is true that it depends on machines and hardware but i still know for a fact that gdata is heavier than trend.....


Level 20
trend micro is lighter than gdata all the way so please unless you have facts dont make notorious statements

one fact is here. if you say that av-c tests are not valid....then i cant help you :)


but the thread goes more and more pls calm down