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At my system Eset was lighter than BD 2014 but my suggestion is to use both for a week ( one week each i mean )
and then decide which is better for you.
In my opinion Eset has better signatures,both have good web blocking but BD is better in 0 day malware with it's
Active Virus Control feature.
The bad thing about BD is that sometimes is heavy on the system.
I hpoe i have helped;).

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Eset . no doubt

It is lighter and now has better detection .

The best thing to do is follow the advice of @tonibalas and try the two for a week, then decide .
If you want you can go to the Exchange Virus section and see detection both day and several examples of viruses .

Regards and happy new year to all


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Of course. Any experience or advice helps.
I have just one more question. Today I received this "Post a message somewhere on the site to receive this". What should I have to do to get Zemana keys?
Choose ESET, for the gods of Malware Tips have so decreed it!!:p:D

@bojan87 , if it is the Zemana Giveaway you're speaking of, you can follow the instructions on the thread. You'll need to <copy> the corresponding message to paste onto the designated Twitter, Google Plus, or Facebook account. There should be examples of this on the Giveaway thread, but if you need help send me a message by clicking on my user name >> Start conversation.
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No more any hesitation move, all the statements provided by the members were facts which the reason ESET has rated to be very good product.

Bitdefender is also good but the performance of stability didn't embrace quite from the some systems installed.
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