Which Uninstaller Software do you use?

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I know I'm beating a dead horse here (condolences to the family of said horse) but I use RollBack Rx. Take a snapshot before I install a program, if I don't like the program I can just restore back to the snapshot and there's no trace of it on the machine.

I used to use CCleaner, and this is a VERY unpopular opinion but I think it's trash. I've tried it on various machines, and I can never see any markable performance improvement after using it. I don't know if I'm missing something but I've uninstalled it a few times. Don't hate me folks, it just doesn't work (for me).

Aside from (regretably) using CCleaner and using Rollback; I can't speak to these other uninstallers.
for ccleaner to work propably, you have to go to options -> settings -> advanced and uncheck "only delete ... 24 hours" + you have to use CCenhancer to strengthen it. Trust me it improves a lot. Without these, CCleaner is almost useless as you said
people also use it to manage startup programs, task scheduler
for more advanced performance improvement, there are other programs like "Simple System Tweaker" portable, TCP optimizer, Auslogic disk defrag, some registry tweaks, Easy services optimizer (quickly disables unused services from presets)

Simple System Tweaker: there are not so many options but it works extremely well. Better than all of my tweaks I have found for years


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I'm not fan on 3rd party uninstaller much, but admitted to perform better on leftovers removal. Ccleaner built in uninstaller satisfies my need, actually if you are aware on how the program removes on the system then no need for 3rd party tools. ;)


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I use Iobit Uninstaller, as in my opinion it is the best uninstaller at the moment. Unlike Revo and other similar uninstallers, it can do a scan for leftover after rebooting. For example, if you uninstall and antivirus and it wants to reboot after afterwards, you can let it reboot and then IObit Uninstaller will scan for leftover when Windows loads agian, which is something that other uninstallers can't do. Also, it has a batch uninstall feature that lets you uninstall multiple programs, one after the other in one go. If a reboot is ever needed, IObit Uninstaller will continue where it left off when you restart, and any remaining programs will be uninstalled and then it will check for leftover for every program you uninstalled.

I never use Windows built-in Uninstaller, as there's no such thing. When you uninstall a program via Add/Remove Programs / Programs and Features or the program's uninstall icon in the Start Menu, it runs the uninstall included with the program. Many programs use windows Installer, in which case there willl be some script file which tell Windows Uninstaller exactly what files and registry keys to remove. Windows itself does not keep track of the programs you have installed, and also, there is absolutely no difference between uninstalling a program iwth Add/Remove Programs or from it's uninstall icon. When you use Revo/IObit/Geek Uninstaller or similar programs they run the program's uninstaller and then do their own check for leftovers.

On a final note, Revo recently released an update to the free version, and it now finally has 64 bit support.