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Terminal for Windows 10 receives a range of new features

Microsoft has rolled out a series of improvements for Windows Terminal, its command-line tool that provides a modern twist on the classic Command Prompt.

With Windows Terminal version 1.2, users gain access to a host of useful features, such as Command Palette, Focus mode and Always-on-top mode.

Command Palette allows the user to bring up and consult a handy list of command options, Focus mode maximises the window and conceals the taskbar (to minimize distractions), and Always-on-top mode prevents other windows obscuring the command-line program.

As fan service, Microsoft has also included a few quirky additions, including the ability to toggle on a “retro terminal effect” that replicates the blurry-edged aesthetic of old CRT displays. However, this feature has been marked as “experimental” and may not be included in future editions.

Windows 10 Terminal update

Available via the Microsoft Store, Terminal for Windows 10 provides a far more feature-rich experience than traditional Command Prompt or PowerShell equivalents - the addition of tabs alone makes it a worthy choice of command-line tool.

Windows Terminal also allows users to swap between multiple profiles: Command Prompt, PowerShell, WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) and Azure Cloud Shell.