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For this thread these are the following questions that intrigues me:

Is this software wise to use?

How light is this on a system?

What other options which are out there that are light on the system, but help my security setup further?

Thanks for any advice, reviews, opinion and comments given. All are accepted and I will look into all advice given, as I not sure Window Firewall does a sufficient job correctly.


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Glasswire is way over-priced! The free version is simply a network monitor and ads. Heck, I think even the paid version keeps nagging you to upgrade to "Super-duper, Advanced, Elite, Even More Expensive" :LOL: version! (n)
You can get a lifetime license for 50€, which is infact a little expensive, however I never seen any ads.

It's more heavy than WFC, since it has more features and detailed monitoring of the network.


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Glasswire is a system monitor.
monitors everything that happens in the system.
it also monitors the network.
I do not use it myself personally, but there are those who use it.