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Mar 29, 2018
Windows Firewall Notifier update: v. 2.5 Beta
About this release
This is the first beta release of WFN 2.5, with huge changes:

  • migrated to .NET 5.0 (the alpha went through .NET Core 3.1 first, but 5.0 was here so... why not)
  • new layout and design.
  • fixes and improvements.
  • an important one (do not miss it!): Notifier will now run in the background and will stay open, if you enable notification. This fixes all CPU related issues, and multiple Notifier.exe process spawning as well. Please tell us if the "old mode" was best for you, I might reintroduce it later.
  • libraries updates (note: the used libraries and dependencies will be added soon in the about page - the main change being Oxyplot for the bandwidth graph instead of a custom one).
You can either pick the AnyCPU build (if you already have .NET 5.0 installed), or the x64 / x86 builds depending on your CPU if you want a standalone version (which also offers better performance).
Please note that the IP database is always embedded, if you'd like a lighter version without it, feel free to tell.

As usual, this is a beta release, not all cases have been tested and you might encounter unexpected behavior. Please report them in the Issues page (or open a new discussion through the new GitHub feature if you have some ideas, improvements, and so on!).
Release 2.5 Beta · wokhansoft/WFN


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Mar 29, 2018
Any potential users should know FYI:

I very briefly tried this app after using the previous v.2.0beta, and while things have changed under the hood in v.2.5, I experienced yet again 100% CPU usage. At least this was easily solved by exiting the app. I had worse problems with the previous version which necessitated prolonged troubleshooting.

It now has some promise in terms of its GUI and functionality but still has real performance problems. Advise creating a restore point prior to any trial. ;)


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Jan 16, 2012
Hey oldschool, I used to be very happy with Binisoft WFC. I've dabbled with 3rd party firewalls, e.g. Comodo, but a couple of times when I went into the control panel it said both firewalls were on (XP or W7). Wasn't happy with that of course so decided to stick with the built-in firewall with the addition of the extra outward bound control offered by WFC. Purchased and used WFC until it got taken over by Malwarebytes, then I stopped using it (can't remember why, did it become integrated into their paid plan only?).
Anyhow since then I have just settled for the built in firewall. Just been doing an online search for alternatives and found this thread. Do you use or recommend WFN?

When I go to Windows Firewall Control I see WFC is still there. Or I could try WFN (not the Beta though).

Do you have any thoughts or recommendations in this area? Cheers Chigwells 😴

Edit: I just contacted Binisoft WFC and will pass on any relevant info.
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Sep 26, 2017
Sorry I never replied but I was away from the forum for some time. I'm currently using Windows Firewall and have never used Malwarebytes WFC and I can't add anything more about WFN than post #2 above.
I honestly started using WFC again to remove control from other APPs on the Windows Firewall API (which add themselves to the Firewall without my consent), and enabled strict rules.

This can be easily done through permissions and regedit, but is less of a chore to manage through WFC.