Windscribe Free VPN VS Proton VPN Free

  • Windscribe Free VPN

    Votes: 35 63.6%
  • Proton VPN Free

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I guess windscribe is more secure because it has no limit in term of protection but the free version of proton has some limits.
ProtonVPN - Pricing
Plus Servers
Secure Core
Tor Servers
But my vote goes for proton because it has no bandwidth limit.
You can use it alongside with tor:)
There's no such thing as unlimited bandwidth.

VPN providers stated that is because the general usage for users is less than 1TB per month. Try surfing more than 1TB per month for every month and see what action the VPN provider will take. Either they'll throttle you, ask you to pay for extra or ban you


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ProtonVPN Privacy Policy don't look good either

ProtonVPN - Privacy Policy

Data we retain from ProtonVPN sessions:

Each time a user connects to ProtonVPN, we only store a timestamp of the last successful login attempt. While it is stored indefinitely, this gets overwritten the each time you log in.

Why do you retain a timestamp:

We retain this limited information to know how many devices are being connected and ensure users do not make excessive number of connections.

Data retention

Active accounts will have data retained indefinitely until they are requested to be deleted by the user.


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Switched from WIndscribe to proton a month ago.
NO looking back after.
Download speeds are way better in ProtonVpn.
Are you using the paid or Free version? I am interested to know.

By the way free servers are just as fast as paid I heard but since there is more people connected to them it has a higher 'load' so it might be slightly slower but it has no bandwidth capping.


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There's a very recent review of ProtonVPN here

ProtonVPN Review - Why You Should AVOID | RestorePrivacy

Not too seems

I couldn't find leaks.....the Kill Switch cuts off the internet when changing the problems seem to have been solved
Thanks for putting up that very informative review HF. I've been trying it out (the 7 day trial paid version) and like you I couldn't see any leaking, but even if they have fixed these issues there are still other concerns. Like a lot of VPNs, they claim there is no logging but when you dig a bit deeper you find that they do log, and they also keep some of this information indefinitely. They are also not at all open about the government funding they receive. The reviewer also says support is very poor. So it would seem that Proton VPN isn't quite the panacea a lot of us thought or hoped it might be.

From my own use I've also found it very difficult to connect. It normally takes several attempts and sometimes it won't connect at all.

On balance, comparing the free versions, even though Windscribe is not based in an ideal country, I think it is a significantly better product. No leaks, good privacy (five eyes based excepted), very reliable, pretty good speed, and very good support, from my experience anyway. I'll be sticking with Windscribe for now.


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Here's another review done a few days back which concurs with some of the points raised by RestorePrivacy

ProtonVPN Review - Decent speed for a free VPN, but lacks usability

FI, ProtonVPN just updated to v1.1.0 with changes as below

Icons to differentiate Plus servers in server list

Updated OpenVPN (2.4.3) library
Removed dependence on premade openvpn configs, instead use ovpn config template from api
Reverted load icon format for color blind support
Other UI tweaks: Server list icons, load bubble colors, Secure Core Map bubbles

Auth token refresh times to update "Remember Login" behavior
Description for Trial Plan in Settings
Fix speed graph after killing app
Tweaked texts in server tier notification popups
Tweaked texts in server unavailable popups

ProtonVPN: navigazione anonima in rete. -
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UPDATE: I've now reverted to the free version of Proton VPN and it is very unreliable when trying to connect. Using the OpenVPN app and downloading the config files is a little more reliable but not much. I asked support a question nearly two days ago but still haven't heard from them.

People can argue about the rights and wrongs of torrenting copyrighted content, but let's face it, that is the main reason a lot of people want a VPN, and for them, because Proton free version does not permit P2P, it is useless.

For me the two main advantages Proton free VPN has over Windscribe free is unlimited usage and not being based in a five eyes country, but if you can get one of the frequent offers of free 50GB per month lifetime license for Windscribe then that may be enough for a lot of people.

In most other respects I think Windscribe free is the winner, but for those who aren't interested in torrenting Proton free VPN is certainly worth considering


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Well, I'm using Protonvpn. and if it seems a good option, I see it fast and so far without connection failures. There is one thing that I like is one that is a Vpn. that operates in Switzerland a country that does not give information "supposedly"
Leak test done and everything went well.:)

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