Windscribe Free VPN VS Proton VPN Free

  • Windscribe Free VPN

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  • Proton VPN Free

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ProtonVPN. I do not trust windscribe abit. Dont know why. Have a realy bad feeling about Windscribe.

carsten ibsen

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I have the following VPN-Services currently on my system: NordVPN+SurfEasy Ultra+ProtonVPN Plus+Windscribe(paid)they have a real good extension for Chrome, Firefox & Opera+Private Internet Access, and VyprVPN.You must wonder Why I have all these, I measure the speed from VPN to VPN on servers in various countries:)
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Free VPN´s often sell their data:)
Thanks friend ... but how do I know that with the VPN payment they do not do it too?:)
I think that is the risk of all those who use VPN. either free or paid. (I do not know if I'm wrong)
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On Windscribe faq page

FAQs - Windscribe
"Will Windscribe make me 100% anonymous?
Unlikely. Achieving complete anonymity online is extremely difficult if not impossible. Anyone who claims otherwise most likely has a pair of pants that are on fire. Windscribe will get you 90% there, however the last 10% entirely depends on the user."

I like how upfront they are with users here. Others would probably have said that ' yes, you are 100% anonymous. Not even the CIA, NSA or Super Secretive Agency of secrets can find you' .


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I like Windscribe. Privacy, security, and anonymity have different variables that you need to define for your needs. VPN alone cannot answer all those requirements, but is a building block towards your goal.
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Windscribe is a big lie!according to Windscribe App im connected to Canada East server but when I do a ip look up:
Complete IP Address Details for
This is not the first time:notworthy:
If you plug that same IP address into this IP lookup engine, the result is Ontario CA:
IP Address Lookup -®

Same here, Ontario CA:

And this one too, Ontario CA: - Yesup Ecommerce Solutions In North York Canada | Lookup Locator

It's probably a good idea to check facts with more that one source before leaping to false conclusions. :oops: