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How good is Windscribe when travelling to Europe? Which server do you recommend to use?
Yes, Windscribe servers are very good in Europe, especially Norway, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany etc. They are very stable and work well. I guess other ones do too, but those I have tried the ones mentioned above and had no problems what so ever. I would say they are much faster than servers in Asia and maybe even America.
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From Windscribe
That doesn't appear to be blocked either. You can check yourself by doing an nslookup while connected. If it doesn't come back as then it's not blocked.

Are you sure your anti-virus should be connecting to Beijing? Considering the type of stuff that happens in China...?


Enabling the Fake News filter blocks most conservative news websites, but leaves left leaning websites alone...

Time to look for a new VPN.
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Who the hell thought "Hm, I'd love if WINDSCRIBE vetted what is truth and what isn't for me". I'll still use it, since I have lifetime, but makes you think.