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Be a long time since last release (around September), I faced to a huge charge of work with my company private projects. (Yep I'm coding Freeware in my spare time which is rare these last months)

Anyway, I would like to present you the new beta release 3.0 which comes with a bunch of new features / optimizations.

Since I added, modify a lot of "touchy" aspects of the programs / new feature, I'm afraid this version could face quite odd behavior. (Hope not)

Biggest changes

Phrozen Material

Phrozen Material is my home made component set for creating the visual (GUI) of my applications. Since Delphi doesn't support CSS as QT does, Phrozen Material was coded using default VCL Canvas Drawing functions / win API.

Shadow System :

This very touchy feature were optimized for any kind of windows (Normal, Dialogs + AlwaysOnTop Support)

PopupMenu :
Since the default Windows popup is quite ugly, I had need to code from scratch my own Popup Menu component.
This was a painful thing to code...
It support pop-up scroll if the screen isn't enough big (Like if it wasn't enough hard to code lol).​


DropDown :
Sexy dropdown component, yes I really hate default Windows visual components.


Input Text Component :
With ComboBox support and actions buttons.





New Features :

Process Dump :
You can now proceed a full memory dump (Multi Threaded and Multi Window'ed) of any process (Of course if you have enough privilege to)

You can directly access this feature through "Process Explorer", "Networking Process", "Advanced Application Inspection" from Extra Tools.​



Advanced Application Inspection :
Four plug-ins added to the AAI panel. And support of creating a new process attached to the AAI Inspection Tool.

Notice, if you kill Winja the monitored process will of course die (Only if Winja has created the process).

General Improvements :


AAI also support Drag n Drop for process creation + monitoring.

You can also now Undock the panel.


Finally, you have now a button to manage the current monitored process including "DLL Injection", could be useful somehow.


Local File Strings / Memory Strings Extraction :

You can now extract and view strings from desired application file.


Notice that it also support memory strings extraction.

I succeed having the exact same accuracy as the SysInternal Microsoft Strings.exe and same speed.

Privileges (Should evolve) :

You can enable / disable some privilege.


File Hex View (Beta) :

Yet another painful feature to code, a quite fast and powerful Hex Editor Component.
It is in beta stage because it doesn't yet support searching for Hex / String / Offset Browsing and also supporting opening really big files.

I know how to fix the last issue to open any file size almost instantly, but it will require a lot of work and will be for the next version :)

For a regular application file < 20Mo, it is really fast (Of course file is first completely mapped in memory).

Support Undo / Redo (Mindfuck) / Save and Save As.

Support Hex Area Editing and Ascii Area Editing.


Notice, since the file is actually running in memory you can't directly patch the file. (Quite obvious)

However you can "Save As" a new copy of the file and directly work on this new copy.

/!\ BUG FOUND, I NEED TO ACTIVE BACK THE SAVE BUTTON /!\ - But you Save As works. It will be fixed in final release.

Example of window when you save a new copy :


Memory View :

Yet another cool function, you can browse the entire memory "sections" of any running process. When you click on an available memory area (readable) it will open if not already a panel with the same above hex component set in "Memory Edition Mode"

Horizontal Mode :


Vertical Mode :


You can of course edit the memory on the fly.


Important Notice :

You can't change the language on Beta Release. I don't include the translation file in Beta release. Also don't use Search for Update feature.

Thats all for the new stuff added in the 3.0 of Winja. I think it is a quite huge progress.

I have dozen of ideas to improve the Advanced Application Inspection and again dozen of other ideas to improve the overall program features / visual.

Since it require a lot of free time I rarely have, I can't process update regularly.

I'm also working on other Freeware at the same time.

Thanks for using and testing Winja!

Let me know your feelings.

Ps: you can follow my twitter stream if not already @DarkCoderSc

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I would also like to add,
out of curiosity I added Winja to AdGuard's http filtering, I was not
expecting much, but when I put in the info and tested the connection
it preformed flawlessly.
The info for me was something like this:
Address: 127.x.x.x
Port: 80xx
I run Firefox 50 through it that's what gave me the idea.
It affords Winja a little more protection and that's awesome.
Great work !!


From Phrozen Software
Thanks so much for your feedbacks :)

I will release the final version within a week with few improvement for the Hex Editor, Column Sorting / Column Size Saving (For latest implemented functions)

Ps: Thanks admins for assigning me developer to ur awesome board !


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@Yash Khan

Nop, Portable version will be available in the next release. In this version I focused more on the Look and feel and functionalities.

Create a Portable version is not that easy and quick for a such huge program.

I will need to create a kind of Launcher app with two mode (Install / Run only), the Install is easy but Run only will require to extract important libraries / files in a temporary location to be removed until application closed.

Also in a portable version I must disable some options which could cause some problems.


I'm releasing the Pre-Final in few minutes in MalwareTips :) Then to public tomorrow if no huge glitch's / bugs found.
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