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Nov 10, 2017

The latest beta of the Windows search tool Everything Toolbar supports replacing Windows Search with Everything Search.

Everything Search is a popular third-party search tool for Windows devices that comes with everything that you might want in a search tool. It is very fast, supports fast sorting, content searches, previews, thumbnails, and a lot more.

Everything Toolbar is a third-party project that uses Everything but adds its own toolbar search option to Windows. You get Everything, but with a toolbar search option added to the experience.

The latest beta version of EverythingToolbar, version 0.7.0 beta 1, includes an experimental option to remap the Start menu search option to Everything. Considering that you get two experimental features, the build and the remapping of the Windows Start Menu search, it is clear that this is not ready yet for use in production environments. Everything worked fine during tests though.

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