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Brave with built-in "resist fingerprinting" feature enabled, and fingerprint sig. returns N/A result on browserleaks. With that feature disabled, and PP enabled, sig is clearly positive. Other than my own test, I am not qualified to say more. Honestly, I make some effort to avoid tracking generally, but trying to achieve perfection is analogous to running on a hamster wheel. Or, going down deep into a cave with an ultra-complex labyrinth inside. :LOL:

Edit: Nano Adblocker is the extension I use consistently. uBO in FF, which I use less and less now with Brave Beta.
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I don't have a favorite extension. Everyone does their own thing.
If I had to choose one I would be uBlock Origin .:giggle:

edit: Although I use Privacy Possum, Canvas Defender, Auto History Wipe, and Emsisoft Browser Security.
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PSA if you install Privacy Possum you don't need to have Canvas Blocker or Canvas Defender. Privacy Possum blocks all types of fingerprinting, canvas, and audio. And it's open source:

Firefox: Privacy Possum – Get this Extension for Firefox (en-US)

Chrome: Privacy Possum
Privacy Possum blocks third-party fingerprinting and spoofs the readout of first-party fingerprinting. Explanation from its github page:
Fingerprinting usually aggregates information across many esoteric browser API's, so we watch for this behavior. When we detect it, we block it.

However many sites load first party fingerprinting code alongside other necessary code, like on reddit.com, so we can't simply block the script, or it will break the page. Instead when we see first party fingerprinting, we inject random data to spoil the fingerprint.


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So does PP pass the fingerprint tests at

browserleaks.com (canvas + font)
AudioContext Fingerprint Test Page
Test pages
Privacy Possum didn't react to any of these tests for me.

and does it protects your own fingerprint from being exposed besides spoofing/blocking others?
It does not. It only ever blocks or spoofs when it detects fingerprinting; any resource it doesn't believe is fingerprinting you is allowed to access your real fingerprint.


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My favourite privacy related extensions that work for Brave for me are: Scriptsafe, Trace, Random User Agent & Browser Plugs Font & Glyph Protection. However for Chromium based browsers I have yet to find a decent Canvas Fingerprinting solution that hides my fingerprint, not blocking the canvas readout completely.

Brave with built-in "resist fingerprinting" feature enabled, and fingerprint sig. returns N/A result on browserleaks.
With Brave you have to be careful. Brave blocks the canvas readout completely, this is a fingerprinting method in itself.



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Currently, I'm finding Trace to be a worthwhile extension for Chrome, yes Canvas Fingerprint protection is enabled; hopefully it does something at least. Trace was the first responder for a questionable site (Taboola) trying to open up in default browser Chrome directly from MSN news app/"sponsored site". :emoji_ok_hand:

It's a work in progress to find the least amt. of extensions doing the most multi-tasking. Anybody getting by with less than 3 ?


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On FF and Waterfox I use -

HTTPS Everywhere
Privacy Possum
Emsisoft Browser Security

Sometimes testing the above with, or swapping out one and replaced with one from below -

I've recently tried using Browser Plugs as well