Zonealarm Anti-Ransomware (Beta)


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Mar 25, 2014
If restore is disable, anti ransomware fail.
Yes, the restore feature is very important in the ZoneAlarm anti-ransomware. For some reason, the software allows the ransomware to modify the files and then stops the ransomware, after which it restores the files. I don't understand why the developers thought that this approach makes any sense, but it seems to be very effective if the restore is enabled:



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Dec 29, 2014
Beta I know, but this seems like it could leave open the door for other types of malware to be bundled with ransomeware. So you might think you have gotten the malware when your files are recovered and the malware quarantined, but there is more hidden. If it's a decryption tool mostly, that's good as long as it works, but the worst malware will be that which is hidden in the system and can export your work and personal information.

Nice capability on the back end of overall protection. As mentioned, maybe a good software to add to solid setup, true enough...
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