Q&A ZoneAlarm News?


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Jan 20, 2020
It's Firewall is quite decent and it uses the Kaspersky signatures which are quite popular, but apart from that it didn't improve a lot in the last months/years. No point of trying until the new Next-Gen version comes out.

What I know is that it still does not provide the same antimalware protection as Kaspersky itself, it seems to use either an older engine version or with some features disabled (cloud maybe). I have seen it miss things that Kaspersky catches consistently over the years.

The firewall, probably remains good, but with Windows itself now offering a competent firewall, I think the selling value of the firewall is not one that would drive customers to buy in large numbers.


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Jan 7, 2014
They have released the new version

Now it have a firewall, all that... so far is working ok.


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Oct 22, 2018
In spite of what many think, quite a lot of people use ZA firewall (free). Mention firewall and the first thing lots of average users think of is ZoneAlarm. They might not know anything but how to turn on the PC, but they know what firewall means, and to them that means zonealarm.

I used ZA long ago, with Win 98 and XP for a while before switching to Comodo firewall. I liked ZA then, and it did its job. Now, I don't know if ZA has kept up with all the new threats, or if it's still a solid protector. What I do know is it's a lot heavier on the system these days.


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May 9, 2019
The GUI has improved a lot compared to the old one. But I am missing a lot off configuration options. I hope they will add them in later versions. The firewall seems an empty box. The web protection has a strange behavior. The malware or phishing links are only blocked when I use the "scan" function in the browser add-on. The first time the pages are loaded. The download protection is great. The new "File download protection" works excellent and has a nice GUI. The detection rate of the AV-engine is good. In a small test with 511 samples, it missed 30 samples.

I am curious about the further evolution of the new NextGen editions.


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Aug 17, 2014
is anyone using ZA lately ? i am so tempted to buy it but i dont want to waste my money....

You may take a look to this comment by @harlan4096 (forums link below) and his latest tests in our Malware-Hub, looks like ZA causing higher system impact...


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Feb 25, 2017
is anyone using ZA lately ? i am so tempted to buy it but i dont want to waste my money....
In addition to @silversurfer :