Battle 7zip vs peazip vs winrar

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Mar 14, 2024
i want to choose best file compression tool for my computer in terms of usability and security+privacy so can MalwareTips help me on that?
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Apr 21, 2016
Sure, all three tools offer good compression rates and security. 7zip is open-source and free, offering strong encryption. Peazip also provides strong encryption and is user-friendly. WinRAR, while not free, is widely used and reliable. Consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing.


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Feb 24, 2016
i tested those programs a while ago and over 20 formats i found because my work told me to optimize the processes and gave me 5 days for it.

Test data 4,5tb Roughly of VERY MIXED work data. ( we get Multiple TB per day of work data and as you assume right this is costly to store )
Winrar "RAR4" if you want speed and VERY similiar compression to 7zip.
7zip if you want Open source same compression Roughly as RAR4 but roughly 2x-5x as slow compression.
Zip if you want mostly a bit speedier but worse compression.

none of the other formats were worth it vs 7zip , rar4 , or even Zip mostly which i tested.

this was my result after Literally recompressing 4,5tb of files for multiple days with different compression methods.

For security likely 7zip because it can be fully checked ( Open source )
if you want a professionally maintained one RAR but you never know if it got backdoors.


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Apr 24, 2016
I am using NanaZip as suggested by @SeriousHoax :
Focused on security:
  • Enable Control Flow Guard (CFG) to all target binaries for mitigating ROP attacks.
  • Mark all x86 and x64 target binaries as compatible with Control-flow Enforcement Technology (CET) Shadow Stack.
  • Strict handle checks at runtime to block the use of invalid handles.
  • Disable dynamic code generation in Release builds prevents generating malicious code at runtime.
  • Block loading unexpected libraries from remote sources at runtime.
  • Enable Package Integrity Check.
  • Enable EH Continuation Metadata.
  • Enable Signed Returns.
  • Support new context menu introduced by Windows 11.
I am currently running NanaZip 3.0 Preview 0 (3.0.756.0):

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