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AdGuard and AdGuard Pro for iOS: an in-depth review

AdGuard has almost a dozen products for various major operating systems. To help users better understand possibilities of our apps (and differencies between them), we started a series of articles with in-depth reviews. We've already covered AdGuard apps for Windows, Android, Mac and Safari, as well as AdGuard browser extensions. Now it's time for our iOS apps.

Wait, apps? Like in 'more than one app'? Correct, we have two of them, despite they are almost identical. Let us explain why.

Why two apps, but only one review
From the very beginning, we had a plan to have two apps: a free one and a paid Pro one. But at one point Apple changed their AppStore review guidelines, and according to the new edition we couldn't update our Pro app anymore without losing some vital ad blocking capabilities. Naturally, we froze its development and switched our focus to the free version. Our goal was to make it as functional as possible under the new restrictions.

We made quite some progress, and started offering a Premium subscription of the free app. It included some features not even present in the Pro app, but also lacked some others that the Pro app had access to. When some time later Apple reverted their guidelines back, there was a lot to untangle — especially considering there were paying customers in both AdGuard and AdGuard Pro, so we couldn't just ditch one of the two apps. So we decided to update them alongside each other. Today they are basically interchangeable and you can choose whichever you prefer (and you really don't need both).

Ok, now that the history lesson is over, let's get to the gist. What actually AdGuard and AdGuard Pro can do?
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