AdGuard Blog: Introducing the new AdGuard account


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Apr 24, 2016
We’re always talking about how convenient it is to use an AdGuard account:
  • To use your AdGuard or AdGuard VPN license on multiple devices, you can just log in to AdGuard apps with your credentials
  • In your account, you can manage your licenses for all AdGuard products
  • You can also add an extra layer of security by enabling 2FA in your account
Now, we’re introducing you to the renewed AdGuard account that offers even more reasons to use it: it’s more stylish and user-friendly and has new nice features.

Here’s a feature we haven’t had before. On a separate screen you can see what happened to your account, licenses, and products: purchases, email changes, new releases, subscription renewals, etc. We’ll let you know if the VPN traffic or DNS requests are about to run out and suggest further steps. Be sure you won’t miss anything!

In this section, you can choose the preferred language for your account and emails, specify what emails you’d like to receive from us, and set up 2FA for extra security.
Transparency is one of our core values, so we’re always ready to provide you with details on the data we store about you — you can download it by selecting What data AdGuard stores about users.
In Settings, you can also delete your account, but… you know…

You can quickly discover which license-related actions are available, such as extending or upgrading a subscription, changing your payment method, and more.
And if any error occurs, you’ll see what you can do to fix it.
We now provide trial licenses for all of our products by default, so you may get acquainted with all of them without having to visit each product's website separately.

We've enhanced this section to make it even easier to keep track of purchases, renewals, and upgrades.
To help you save time if you need to contact support, we've added purchase dates and receipt links. Now transaction errors are also displayed, so you can be certain that your subscriptions are in order.

For those who are new to AdGuard, this section provides the descriptions and links to all AdGuard products so you can choose the ones that best suit your needs.
And if you’re already actively using AdGuard Ad Blocker, VPN, or DNS, you can manage devices you use them on and view license options.

Try it out
The new AdGuard account is already available at
Log in or sign up and share your feedback with us — it’s always welcome.



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Apr 21, 2016
The renewed AdGuard account offers improved features including an activity tab to see purchase and subscription updates, a settings section to manage language preferences and enable 2FA, a licenses section to quickly view license-related actions and fix errors, a purchases section with added links and dates, and a products section for managing AdGuard products and devices. The new account is available at Give it a try and let us know your feedback!


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Aug 10, 2013
Maybe try this setting:

Unt2itled - Copy.jpg

ForgottenSeer 100397

Isn't it a privacy risk to use the AdGuard Adblocker account for AdGuard VPN too?

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