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Windows 10 Anniversary Update woes continue:

Late last week, I recommended that you actively block the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. The past few days have brought yet another wave of complaints. Here’s a sample...

Edge still has plenty of problems. I’ve hit situations where Edge will not close by clicking on the red X. Also, I can X out of the last open tab and Edge keeps running, when closing the only open tab should shut down the program as a whole. The problems seem to appear after visiting sites with lots of ads -- like the ones linked to from, for example. Once the problems start, they don’t go away. The only solution I’ve found is to reboot.

Two antivirus manufacturers have reported problems. McAfee states:

Do not [emphasis in the original] upgrade to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update without first verifying whether your McAfee product is compatible. This caution affects the products listed in the Environment section above... Microsoft intended to implement an upgrade and installation check to ensure that no incompatible McAfee product versions could be installed or present. Due to time constraints, Microsoft could not implement the intended version check in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update… Microsoft has indicated that a hotfix will be released some time after the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to implement the version check. The Microsoft hotfix will protect against installation of incompatible McAfee product versions; however, this hotfix cannot protect against upgrades to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update from nodes already running an incompatible McAfee product version on a previous build of Windows.

Avast has a similar warning:

On Tuesday, August 2, Microsoft released their latest version of Windows 10 -- the Anniversary Update -- via the Windows Update channel. While the majority of our users didn’t have a problem, certain HW configurations didn't mix well with the update… This occurred during upgrades to the Windows 10 Anniversary edition from previous versions of Windows, and during clean installations of Avast Antivirus on systems already running the Anniversary Update… Neither the Windows Insider program nor the Avast Antivirus Beta channel indicated any forewarning of such behavior.

By the way, to see an excellent example of a bug advisory, look at the Avast announcement -- very well done, clear, and thorough. Kudos!..

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I know the difficulties where Microsoft exert much effort, however it's already on the developers of 3rd party programs to take the actions immediately.

Remember people have different knowledge and they did not even know those possible issues occur.

Good advantage for those users like me, as rely on using Windows Defender without any problems.


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If your a True Key user it may crash, not start, or fail to install after the AU.
I uninstalled it to update it and it will not reinstall at all.
If you have it installed, leave it put for now, and as you may already know its a McAfee (Intel) product.
Good read Logethica Thanks
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