Help Me Decide (AV) GUI of the Year 2017

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360 Essential for sure. Simple, effective and clean interface, easily clickable links, unlike in most AVs, which require you to point and click.

Settings have check boxes, but the whole message is clickable, so it still applies. I just find the whole GUI adorable overall. :love:
I've never tried this AV. The UI is indeed very good. Looks fun, yet remains professional.


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Jun 24, 2016
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Despite how much i love ESET product and GUI, i will have to choose Emsisoft's here. It's the most clean one, and the one that allows the novice user to most easily find what you're looking for.

My vote: Emsisoft
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Dec 29, 2016
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Emsisoft is the best in my opinion. I hate clutter and I think it's the most straightforward of them all.
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Jul 1, 2017
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Windows 10
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Emsisoft is the most beautiful, most useful, most straightforward UI I have ever seen. Not just for tech people. It's great for beginners too. And you can see the Behavior blocker in action.

Every AV vendor worth their reputation should take notes especially Microsoft lmao. It puts even the next best UI (360 Total Security in my opinion) to shame. They should all be ashamed for continuing a design philosophy from last decade Xp/Vista era (looking at you Trend Micro). Only EAM seems to understand that one of the biggest hurdles to using AVs is the UI and they solved it by making an amazing behavior blocker that does all the thinking for you, that way they could eliminate all the stupid little settings that plague AVs so that you can look at a simple UI. Designed for widescreen displays, tabs, no need for back/Apply/Ok buttons, no dumb effects like Eset NOD32's notifications fading out, no ridiculous context menu entries. Less is more.

Only thing EAM could need to really put the icing on the cake is allow users to drag and drop files into the EAM UI and it would scan the files/folder. Then it would be idiot proof. :D
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