Updates Avast Business replaces VPNs with Secure Private Access (SPA) for Organisations


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Jan 8, 2011
Press release: Avast Business Launches Secure Private Access to Provide Zero Trust Network Access
Avast Business SPA replaces traditional remote access VPNs with flexible zero trust network solutions delivered as a service for MSSPs and MSPs.

Key benefits include:
  • Enhanced Security – Service-initiated zero trust network access architectures uses a cloud brokered, user to app connection that makes the company network invisible and inaccessible to hackers.
  • Simplified Management – As a 100% cloud-based solution, it's easy to manage from a single platform and delivers consistency across all apps and devices.
  • Secure Scalability – Avast Business SPA is a fully cloud-delivered, zero trust network access service that enables digital ecosystems to function without exposing services directly to the internet, thus reducing risks of distributed denial of service attacks.
  • Better User Experience – Eliminating the many hassles of VPN clients and appliances, Avast Business SPA provides "always on" access across all apps and devices, resulting in increased end-user productivity.
  • Reduced Complexity – Straightforward deployment and implementation, without VPN gateways, allows for simple and scalable deployment.
  • Reduced Cost – Without required physical or virtual appliances, organizations save on implementation overhead.
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Keeping corporate networks safe while employees work from home has become a priority for businesses during the pandemic which is why Avast has announced the release of Secure Private Access (SPA) by Avast Business.

SPA provides zero trust network access to medium and large-sized businesses using managed security service providers (MSSPs) and managed service providers (MSPs). Avast's new solution takes both a user and application-centered security approach in which authorized users are granted access to applications but never to an organization's network.
By eliminating the need for legacy remote access VPNs which can be difficult to configure and route traffic inefficiently, Avast Business SPA takes a user-focused approach that securely connects users to company apps regardless of whether they are privately or publicly hosted.
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