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Hi i want to compare this 3 suites in cuestion of realworld perfomace, protection, and fiability- I see good points in ones and bad points in others. Really i have all but what do you think?.

pro too many features, sandbox browser, higth detection rate
cons, i think not have good removal capabilities
pro good interface, good protection
cons virus removal servicce by remote conection have a cost, is dificult to excluse a site from antipishing

pro ligthweigh good protection, virus removal guarantee, remote conection to asistence, high detection rate
cons dificult to manage quarintine
comodo pro cons
´pro too many features free
cons not all features work as user expected

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I have been an Avast user for many years and it hasn't failed me yet. How to setup Avast Internet Security 2016 for Maximum Protection (Guide) (All the tweaks apply for free version as well) Started using this guide and its amazing :p I haven't really had to deal with removing viruses since Avast has caught all the stuff that could have wrecked my computer. I am not really good with the other software so others here can help as well!


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If you are an advanced user do as @J Gamez065 suggests above if you are a basic to average user I would pick the Norton deal, great sonar and file reputation modes. ;)

Another vote for Norton, All are good security suites, I choose Norton mainly for Sonar and the compatibility to use and add other security apps without much conflicts. The other perk is already mentioned, it is really lightweight thus allowing me to layer on other protection, like malwarebytes, SpyShelter, XVirus, and SecureAPlus. Norton is my realtime AV while the rest are ondemand and second opinion scanner.


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referring to Malware Hub, I recommend Avast due to its protection, performance and its usability range (from beginner to expert user) and BullGuard is exception because I never know how it is, I hope somebody start testing it on Malware Hub.
Norton is as good as Avast
Comodo, it can be really good but it really depends on user level,

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Never tried Bullguard so nothing here.

Avast & Norton are good effective protection with ease of use. I have used both & were light on my system Win 10 64 with 6GB RAM.
Avast Hardened Mode (Aggressive) is good with good whitelist & easy to use for average users. And upcoming version with AVG tech IDP, etc is interesting.

Comodo - Personally I go with CFW only with simply no AV, no 3rd party AV, etc And couple customization. You need to know couple things to use Comodo effectively.

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I vote for avast free but not internet security because they are not much different and doesn't worth the money for those extra features

avast because it's free and light for resource. If you follow the tweaking guide, it may perform similarly or even better than norton I would say because I had very experience with norton but I know they have improved a lot since then. However, you can't get norton for free or cheap prices. that's the point

if you want a great setup I would recommend avast free with voodooshield free/comodo cloud AV with AV disabled. I heard CCAV is lighter than the firewall
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Hi again i like to see my topic have some concurrency.
Norton for me is a very valuable product. One time i present a complaint because some one in the support dont explainme how quarintine works and they send me a second level suppor guy to help me and explainme everything i want. From this moment i never have cuestions about norton . I only think they must have better knowlment of their product. Norton autofix is wonderful . Checks internet conection, virus data base, instalatión and incompatible software. They say it only check internet conection. By other side, firewall are very silent, is very quick, catch too many viruses, and is a trustable product
Bullguard for meis very good product. It works as i expected (Sometimes blocks a lot of websites and is dificult add exclusion u u) I see they are very slow in integrae malwaresamples to their definitions or to add files to whitelist. For me the only problem whith they is they offer "installation service or malware removal service by remote for 100 usd (aprox)" I think security companies not have to ask for money for this things.
Avast for me is ligth weigth is good, and have a lot of features (I dont know if all are necesary, i dont understand diference betwen deep screen and hardened mode) . I see some times avast not work as expected. 5 years ago it dont pass eicar ssl test. 5years ago they dont delete some files and detect same sample one and another and another time. Thats are things of the past, now avast is better. I dont like the new interface because dont bring me info about what are avast analising. Oh avast forum has a brillant comunity, veri vibrant and whith too much knowldement and is not necesary to ask for support.
Comodo have too many features, not all works well, and when comodo releses a new version the seetings changue. The detection, and the prevention are very good in comodo products. They dont have unnecesary modules. I hope they do better. By other side i see the people on the forum have great knowldement about comodo functions and combination, but geek buddy only know run standart task and tools. They run full scans and delete everything founded. One time they make my pc unresponsive. They try to conect include when you ask a cuestion who dont need it. And you have to pay for geek buddy.

And if some one have a avast licence who can give i will thank will be crhistmast and my birth day was a moth ago jejeje

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I voted for Bullguard :D Not trolling, their Behaviour Blocker is really good and it gives very detailed information. When i test it in VM i usually disable AV component (Bitdefender AV engine), just to see how good BB is, of course its not as good as Emsisoft's, but its very decent. Firewall is also easy understandable imo. I think you can't go wrong with the Bullguard..

But i would just install Avast! Free and follow @Jack guide here to set it for Max Protection and spend $ on other things. :D


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Advance and experience users then it's Comodo IS and AV obviously, no doubt that the mechanistic of autosandbox definitely survives everything on the attacks; the problem goes on cloud functionality and signatures.

The main comparison goes between Avast and Norton.

With Avast, you have no worries as you have Hardening Mode as your final defense protection whereas Norton as SONAR when auto-protect and download insight failed.
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Went with Norton as they have definitely improved lately. Impressive results in malware hub and reviews. After patching some serious vulnerabilities they should be good now.
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For me I am using Bullguard Internet Security and I am very satisfied! It is very light. The detection rate is excellent for it uses Bitdefender's engine! Good behavioural protection module. The firewall is decent! Give it a try then you can make your decision :)
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