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Nov 9, 2022
So what do you use:unsure:

@Shadowra uses Eset

Jonny Quest

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Mar 2, 2023
I don't use Avast or F-Secure
F-Secure protects my family though
I don't blame you as far as your family's protection. I'd do the same thing. It does its job quietly and securely in the background. Not a lot of noisy pop-ups, recommendations etc. Besides, if they're using the Total Security version, it has the nice password manager which is along the same line as BDs Wallet.

ForgottenSeer 100397

I tried Avast Free after a long time. It has changed a lot. The number of running processes has increased from two to nearly ten. The unselected module with the custom install appears on the interface. I didn't like the interface or the alert design.

The good thing is that blocking outgoing connections to "avastui" still prevents Avast upgrades and other ads.

Does F-Secure have the option to "ask" users when it detects threats?


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Sep 2, 2021
How does Avast One Free compare to Avira Free Security?

Avast does not include bloatware in the One version compared to Avira which will install all its modules even those that are not useful.
Avira is much heavier than Avast.
In terms of detection, Avast is ahead of Avira. Even if Avira has an excellent Cloud network, Avast is clearly ahead in terms of reactivity.
And Avira's engine has a big weakness on attacks which is not the case for Avast.

Does F-Secure have the option to "ask" users when it detects threats?

Nope :/


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Feb 7, 2023
Also, in the free version Avira has no abilities to block malicious connections system-wide (not in browser) whilst Avast Web Shield does great job in that.
Avast's behavioural blocking (IDP) is already well established whilst Avira had nothing until the Bullguard Sentry was integrated (and that wasn't mature either).
Avira has no firewall.

Avast overall feels much more premium, better designed and is better equipped than Avira.


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May 19, 2016
Avast is the most well-known antivirus company in the world among Windows users.
Bought by Norton in 2022, Avast has released a version called One which gathers all the security functions: Antivirus, Firewall, VPN etc.
Let's see if Avast is still in shape!

Interface: 9/10
Avast's interface is still very clear to use, and suitable for novices.
A large choice of settings is available, but I find that the antivirus is well set by default.
But, Avast encourages a lot to switch to its paid version, which can put off some users.

Protection:10/10 Web / Fake crack 1/1 Remains 20 threats on 539 malware / PC clean
I knew that Avast had improved but this one shocked me!
Avast is clearly one of the best free antivirus of the moment!
It has an excellent virus database and its Machine Learning AI has evolved well.
Let's also salute the attempt to install LokiBot which was interrupted by the Avast IDS.
In the end, there are just 2 DLLs left from QBot that had been blocked by Avast.

Result :
Avast! : 0
NPE : 0
KVRT : 2
Eset : 1

Recommand : Yes, Avast is recommended. Congratulations!
System Clean : System clean

Hello @Shadowra , another amazing video (y)
Can we expect the same results with AVG ?


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Apr 16, 2017
fwiw, installed Avast One Free on win10_VM. Avast One seems relatively light, but I get minor system buggyness with Avast: I get windows MS .NET Framework popup unhandled exception, but the installation continued on its own, it did not pause, and Avast seems to run fine, finds no malware, but eg I just got the same popup error typing this message.
MS .NET Framework -- unhandled exception
'0 C:' does not exist in the specified Category. [continue] [quit] -- I select continue

I have not "researched" this yet. Win updates are current, sfc /scannow does not find any problems...
... just did a quick google and I see this popup error is discussed in several places, so optimistic for tomorrow as I'm going to sleep... :sleep:

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